Why Get Involved?

  • Parental involvement is crucial to the development of youth! Believe it or not, they listen to you as a parent and as a role model! Show interest and enthusiasm for their hobbies, interests and skills so that they have the confidence to pursue what they are interested in knowing they have your full support.
  • We know that youth within each of our communities are experimenting with substances, and that this behavior leads to challenges as they grow older.

What You Can Do

  • Using SEARCH's 40 Developmental Assets, we can instill in each child the framework to being a happy, safe and healthy child who grows into a happy, safe and healthy adult!
  • With your help, the Working Together Coalition can enact strategies that target both the overall problem (through administrative-level change) and individuals (through programs and activities).
  • We need your help! With your input we can transform our communities into safe, thriving areas where youth can grow up free from the impact of substance abuse.


  • Check back soon for the latest resources regarding how to approach your children if you suspect they've been using alcohol or other substances, tips for parents and other useful information!


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