These projects help members focus on their own strengths while tapping into talents they  may have in certain areas to be the most effective and impactful coalition members they can. Subcommittees focus on areas that members are interested in.


Our projects include at least one advisor (school Staff or Community Member) and any 9th-12th grade students from the Northland Community, Pine River-Backus, and Walker-Hackensack-Akeley school districts. Responsibilities include meeting twice a month (or as needed) to discuss ways to keep teens healthy, safe and responsible by not using alcohol, tobacco or drugs.

The projects include any interested Coalition Members. Responsibilities include building a marketing plan to get information out to the community about the WTC and it’s initiatives. Tasks may include: creating posters/billboards/printed material, update website information, newspaper releases, parents letters, radio public service announcements, coalition newsletters and articles for the school to put in their newsletters.