Teens Leading the Way

Includes at least one advisor (school Staff or Community Member) and any 9th-12th grade students from the Northland Community, Pine River-Backus and Walker-Hackensack-Akeley school districts. Responsibilities include meeting twice a month (or as needed) to discuss ways to keep teens healthy, safe and responsible by not using alcohol, tobacco or drugs.


The Working Together Coalition is a coalition made up of community members that are interested in making the communities of Northland/Remer, Pine River-Backus, and Walker-Hackensack-Akeley a safe and healthy place for our youth. 


We are located in Cass County, MN.

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T: 218-851-5688

F: 218-587-4193

E: wtc@workingtogethercoalition.org

A: P.O. Box 1, Pine River, MN 56474

Pine River, MN, Hackensack, Walker, Akeley, Cass County, Remer, Minnesota, WTC, Drug Abuse Prevention