The Working Together Coalition is a coalition made up of community members that are interested in making the communities of Northland/Remer, Pine River-Backus, and Walker-Hackensack-Akeley a safe and healthy place for our youth. 


We are located in Cass County, MN.

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T: 218-851-5688

F: 218-587-4193

E: wtc@workingtogethercoalition.org

A: P.O. Box 1, Pine River, MN 56474

Pine River, MN, Hackensack, Walker, Akeley, Cass County, Remer, Minnesota, WTC, Drug Abuse Prevention

Teens Leading the Way

Includes at least one advisor (school Staff or Community Member) and any 9th-12th grade students from the Northland Community, Pine River-Backus and Walker-Hackensack-Akeley school districts. Responsibilities include meeting twice a month (or as needed) to discuss ways to keep teens healthy, safe and responsible by not using alcohol, tobacco or drugs.