The Working Together Coalition is primarily a drug and alcohol abuse prevention program. There are many volunteer opportunities available within the coalition. The WTC is a coalition made up of community members that are interested in making the communities of Northland, Pine River-Backus and Walker-Hackensack-Akeley a safe and healthy place for our youth. The Coalition is made up of volunteers from 12 different sectors in the community: Youth, Parents, Business Community, Media, Schools, Youth Service Organizations, Local Law Enforcement, Spiritual Organizations, Civic/Volunteer Groups, Healthcare, Local Government Agencies and others that are concerned about our youth. The Coalition is set up for each sector to retain their own identity but agree to work together towards a common goal of building safe, healthy and drug-free communities.


The Coalition is using a survey created by Search Institute called the Attitudes and Behavior Survey. This survey helps guide us with the work that we do by identifying which assets our young people have and which ones we need to increase. The Developmental Assets® are 40 common-sense, positive experiences and qualities that help influence choices young people make, and help them become caring, responsible, successful adults.


Prevention is Our Mission.

Our mission is Working Together to prevent substance use by our youth through community collaboration, resulting in an improved quality of life. In turn, we would like to raise public awareness of the risks and consequences of the use of substances as well as things that the community can do to help our young people make healthy decisions. By making changes to the environment, we envision having a safe and healthy community, free of the impact of substance abuse and its negative effects.

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Healther Rogosheske, Coalition Coordinator, Cass County, WTC, Working Together, Pine River

Get Involved!

Contact Heather Rogosheske
Coalition Coordinator

T: 218-851-5688 / F: 218-587-4193 /

E: wtc@workingtogethercoalition.org


We are always looking for more members! If you are interested in making your voice heard, please feel free to contact Heather. You can email her at: wtc@workingtogethercoalition.org

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